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DNM Long-Form

Mid-Century Modernized

When Lise and Vincent decided to move on from the successful vineyard and 5,600 square foot home in Sonoma, they felt it was time to

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Saulalito Modern Update Metal Detail

Experiments in Design

The home of this architect and artist couple is a continuously evolving laboratory. +Read the DWELL article then come back for a longer look. Architect

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Selecting an Architect Blog Image

Selecting an architect

Architectural firms come in many types and sizes and are not all appropriate for your project. Most firms specialize in only a few project types.

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Should I I use an Architect Blog Feature Image

Should I use an architect?

Your local building department may require you to hire a registered architect or engineer, but there are also many advantages of working with an architect

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Must I use an ARCHITECT blog feature image

Must I use an architect?

Anyone who uses the title “architect” or offers architectural services must be licensed or “registered” in the state in which they are offering the architectural

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