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Petaluma Pastoral

Our Petaluma Pastoral project by is an ongoing multi-phased endeavor for a happy client. Set on 4.5 acres of picturesque rolling farmland, two buildings have been completed so far, and a third is in the design phase. 

DNM Architecture Modern Petaluma

As visitors arrive at the site, they are greeted by an amazing rural modern “structure.” In fact, the curvilinear swooping shape is the exterior wall for the 800 square foot guest house, which includes one bedroom, one bath, small kitchen, 1-car garage, and a music studio! The irregular curvilinear form, sheathed in vertical cedar planking, was designed to juxtapose with the orthogonallydesigned house further up the driveway, and to work as an identifiable landmark for the property. The opaque sculptural presentation gives way to an open residential facade on the other side, which is noticed as visitors come up the winding driveway. But at this point, all eyes are on the beautiful, large main house ahead.  

Petaluma Pastoral Guesthouse

On the ground floor of this modern home, the clients asked for a large (three cars) garage and a fully functioning and fully private apartment. The exterior materials form a gorgeous earth-toned palette combining golden cedar, light stucco, and dark galvanized metal for the deck railings. The second floor has a full deck that wraps around the southern and eastern sides. A large outdoor living space on the ground floor merges with the apartment’s outdoor space, the latter of which is tucked under and shaded by the deck above. 

DNM Architecture designed the primary entry of the home on the second floor. Rather than enter the home on the ground floor and immediately ascend a cramped flight of stairs, all arrivals ascend an exterior 8-foot-wide staircase that brings an elevated view of the picturesque landscape with every step up. 

Petaluma Front View

The clients for this project wanted an open, modern design that would be as equally comfortable for entertaining as it is for living. The chef’s kitchen sports  grey color scheme and features a full double-oven range, top name appliances, a large kitchen island, and wet bar that provides space for host and guests to chat connect. The kitchen also features tall windows and window backsplashes to bring as much light as possible into the space. In the adjacent living and dining rooms, the ceiling opens from 8-feet (in the kitchen) to a grand 14-foot height. With full length windows and sliding glass doors, the living area is flooded with southern light. In addition, clerestory windows above serve a double purpose of allowing natural light in and venting the hot air out. The bedrooms in the home are a smaller, modest size, which make for a coy private retreat from the larger, public area of the home.

High energy efficiency was also a must for this client. DNM Architecture’s design draws largely on passive energy strategies to help bolster the solar energy collection. The roof and walls have maximum insulation, and the roof’s overhang length helps control the direct rays from the sun above. In the main living space, the clerestory windows are awningstyle and open to vent the hot air.  

A planned third structure now in design phase will add a 600 square foot pool/gym/guest house that promises to be the client’s own personal oasis of relaxation. Stay tuned! 

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All Images: Jamie Leasure