DNM Architecture is a full-service architecture firm with expertise in the design and permitting of ADUs in California. We provide solutions for clients who are interested in building an ADU on their property.

ADUxDNM - The Process

DNM provides a complete program for clients who are interested in building an ADU on their property, including: 

  • Site Analysis: DNM Architecture will conduct a site analysis to identify obstacles to building an ADU on the property and determine the best location, taking into consideration factors such as zoning regulations, setbacks, and existing structures. 

  • Design: The firm will work with you to develop a customized design that meets your specific needs, preferences, and budget. This includes creating floor plans, selecting materials, and choosing finishes. 

  • Permitting: DNM Architecture will navigate the permitting process, ensuring that all necessary permits and approvals are obtained from the relevant authorities. 

  • Construction Management: The firm can provide construction management services to oversee the construction of the ADU and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. 

  • Sustainability: DNM Architecture is committed to sustainability and can incorporate green building practices into the design of the ADU. This can include the use of energy-efficient systems, sustainable materials, and passive design strategies. 
DNM Architecture ADU

With an estimated shortage of almost 1 Million homes in California and almost 4 Million across the US, ADUs are just one tool to help combat the country’s chronic lack of affordable housing. It may seem trivial to add one unit in a backyard or convert a basement to an apartment, but, in contrast to large apartment buildings or expanded suburbs, ADUs provide a “surgical” path to new housing using existing land, sewers, water and other infrastructure. They may be the greenest and most sustainable housing strategy available. 


  • add living space
  • allow families to live closer together
  • provide income opportunities
  • increase property value
  • reduce commute time
  • improve sustainability
  • and more!

The ADUxDNM Advantage

adu 1000

ADUxDNM Designs


Designed for a down sloping lot, this 600 square foot modern ADU features a compact one bedroom design with a 2 car garage above. The exterior of the unit showcases a sleek, contemporary aesthetic with clean lines and modern finishes. 

Inside, the living space is open and plenty of natural light. The kitchen boasts stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, and ample cabinet storage. The living room area offers comfortable seating and is the perfect spot to relax after a long day. 

The bedroom can accommodate a king-sized bed and includes plenty of closet space and access to the generous modern bathroom that also includes a compact washer/dryer. 

The attached garage provides convenient parking and extra storage space for bikes, tools, or outdoor equipment. 


Small +

The hillside ADU is a modern and stylish office or studio space that spans over 605 square feet. It features large sliding doors that provide abundant natural light and open up to a spacious terrace area, perfect for outdoor work or relaxation. The ADU maximizes functionality and efficiency, making it an ideal space for a guest apartment, rental or a creative workspace. 

ADU-605 can be fitted with modern amenities and finishes, including high-end appliances, custom cabinetry, and sleek countertops. The open-plan allows for flexibility in arranging the furniture and creating a comfortable and inspiring living and working environment. The large terrace sliding doors not only bring in natural light but also provide stunning views of the surrounding area. 



Perfect for a young professional, a couple, or a small family, this compact and colorful abode is sure to impress. This 645-square-foot, 1-bedroom ADU is ideal for in urban setting and boasts a compact and contemporary cubist inspired design. The space boasts clean lines and a minimalist approach to decor, with a splash of bold color that adds a touch of vibrancy to the overall aesthetic. 

The living area is cozy with space for a comfortable seating area and desk oriented to the rear patio. The bedroom can comfortably accommodate a queen-sized bed and plenty of storage space for clothing and personal belongings. 

The kitchen is compact but well-equipped, with modern appliances and sleek cabinetry that maximizes the use of space. The bathroom is also stylish and functional, with a walk-in shower and contemporary fixtures. 



This stunning 1000sf home features a unique design that will perfectly fit a sloped lot, offering views of the surrounding landscape from its generous roof deck. The roof deck is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning views, with plenty of space for outdoor entertainment.  

Entering the home, you are immediately drawn to the spacious high-ceiling living area and large windows that allow natural light to flood the space. The open kitchen and dining are ½ level up and perfect space for preparing meals while staying connected to the living space below. 

Two bedrooms and two baths offer comfortable sleeping spaces with ample closets and a washer/dryer.  

This ADU has been designed with clean natural wood finishes throughout, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that is sure to make you feel at home.  


Fast Approval

A significant advantage of ADUs is that they must be approved “ministerially” if they meet all of the design criteria in the State law.This means that they are not subject to design review by a Planning Commission and can only be evaluated by planning staff using “objective criteria.” If they meet the criteria for size, location and other conditions, a complete permit application must be processed within 30 days (60 days for larger multi-ADU projects).

It's Green

In contrast to large apartment buildings or expanded suburbs, ADUs provide a “surgical” path to new housing using existing land, sewers, water and other infrastructure. They may be the greenest and most sustainable housing strategy available.

All You Need

What makes ADUs so attractive to homeowners and other building owners is that they can be built on lots that normally do not allow additional dwellings, such as in neighborhoods zoned for single family homes only. Additionally, the ADU is exempt from size restrictions which may exist for other construction on the property. A studio or one-bedroom ADU is limited to 850sf. An ADU with 2 or more bedrooms can be the greater of 1000 sf or 50% of the primary dwelling unit’s floor area.

DNM Architecture Deer Park Garage and ADU


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