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A Well Made Collaboration

WellMade ADU

DNM Architecture Partners with Wellmade to bring compact, modern, affordable ADUs to California

DNM Architecture is proud to announce its collaboration with San Leandro, CA based Wellmade Design Build to bring compact, modern and affordable ADUs to CA.. Our new partnership will help Wellmade streamline the process of adding an ADU to any property, making on-demand housing solutions even easier for homeowners to implement.

Wellmade offers a line of modern panelized Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as well as backyard studios that are crisply designed and finely detailed. DNM Architecture’s contribution includes development of panel and production documents that allow Wellmade to efficiently prefabricate panels before they are assembled on site, bringing an entirely new level of efficiency, time savings, and quality to the modular ADU concept.

In addition to collaborating on the ADU fabrication process, DNM Architecture will be the architect-of-record for Wellmade’s ADUs, offering clients the  expertise and services that are typical for a full custom home, such as a full site analysis (topsoil, topography, drainage) and handling of the sometimes daunting building permitting process.

Wellmade’s collaboration with DNM Architecture brings several advantages to the prefabricated ADU model:

  • Wellmade’s panelized construction is perfect for hard-to-access and sensitive sites. Every piece is designed to be carried by two to three people. No cranes or other heavy machinery is needed, and the panels are assembled piece-by-piece on site.

  • Prefabricated standardized panels are quickly assembled to create a dried in building shell and avoid weather delays, hinderances, or damage to finish materials.

  • Wellmade uses advanced wood-based materials such as LVL studs, Truss joists, and Zip Systems weather resistant sheathing that represent state of the art building techniques using sustainable products more similar to luxury custom homes than typical prefab outbuildings.

DNM Architecture’s partnership with Wellmade offers a California-based one-stop solution for an architecturally designed ADU that is stronger and more sustainable than cheap builder kits from overseas. It’s as simple as selecting a unit size and finish preferences, and Wellmade takes care of everything else – start to finish.

“ADUs are a special focus for our firm,” states DNM Architecture president, David Marlatt, AIA. “Wellmade has a focused vision for delivering compact and well-crafted ADUs that are efficient and affordable to the widest potential market.”

“I absolutely love hearing our clients say we’ve changed their lives with our studios and ADUs, ” adds Wellmade CEO, Kirill Ostorovsky. “This tells me we are doing something special here, and it gives us the energy and motivation to continue to innovate and improve.”

If you need rental property or extra space, but can’t afford to compromise on time or quality, Wellmade with DNM Architecture may the be the solution you’re looking for!