Creativity, Beauty, and Morality

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Creativity, Beauty, and Morality are the three standards by which every work of art – including architecture – should be evaluated.  To understand and apply these standards, however, we must also understand a basic premise of art: nothing is created from nothing. Every seemingly original work has a context and is derived from some preceding […]

Experiments in Design

Saulalito Modern Update Metal Detail

The home of this architect and artist couple is a continuously evolving laboratory. +Read the DWELL article then come back for a longer look. Architect David Marlatt, AIA (principal, DNM Architecture) and his wife Sarah Burgevin, a ceramics artist and teacher, bought what could be kindly considered a “fixer upper” in 2014. The original structure […]

What services should I expect the architect to provide?

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The services provided by architects and their consultants can vary according to numerous factors, such as the project type and complexity, the client’s needs, the city’s permitting requirements, the way in which the contractor will be selected, and the budget. The contract between the owner and the architect should clearly list what services will be […]

How much does an architect cost?


Contact Us Now For Your Estimate! Hiring an architect is expensive, but not as expensive as not hiring an architect! By helping you anticipate, evaluate and solve problems before they become built problems, the up-front cost of an architect can pay for itself many times over.    As a very general guideline, an architect’s fees […]

Selecting an architect

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Architectural firms come in many types and sizes and are not all appropriate for your project. Most firms specialize in only a few project types. Some have engineers and interior designers on staff, but most use outside consultants for each specific project. Each architectural firm brings a different combination of skills, experience, interest, and values […]

Should I use an architect?

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Your local building department may require you to hire a registered architect or engineer, but there are also many advantages of working with an architect that go far beyond simply complying with the law. Through education, training and experience, an architect is equipped to guide you through the design, permitting and construction of your building […]

Must I use an architect?

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Anyone who uses the title “architect” or offers architectural services must be licensed or “registered” in the state in which they are offering the architectural services. California defines architectural practice as “…the planning of sites, and the design, in whole or in part, of buildings or groups of buildings and structures.” Architectural licensing laws vary […]