Portfolio, Perspective, and Process

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I attended a lunchtime seminar about firm marketing sponsored by the AIA a couple of months ago and learned something! But, that’s not the only news. The presenter – an apparently successful marketing consultant for professional service companies in the northwest – made the pretty basic point that an architect’s project portfolio is not the […]

What Is Architecture?

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Profound, cynical or silly, it is relevant to me; perhaps it will be for you as well. It is in no particular order and I add to it from time to time. -DNM Architecture: the art of building in which human requirements and construction materials are related so as to furnish practical use as well […]

Potential in Palm Springs

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This gorgeous, albeit currently unbuilt, DNM Architecture-designed home recalls the beauty of 1950’s Desert Modern style and brings it to the 21st century with better design sustainability and higher energy efficiency. Originally designed for a technology executive, the 4,500 square foot custom home was meant to live at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in […]

The Value of an Architect

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Through education, training and experience, an architect is the one professional person who is equipped to guide you through the design, permitting and construction of a building or renovation project. Unlike other specialized professionals (that may also be needed) such as structural engineers, mechanical engineers, geotechnical engineers, an architect is trained to be a generalist, […]

Mid-Century Modernized

When Lise and Vincent decided to move on from the successful vineyard and 5,600 square foot home in Sonoma, they felt it was time to downsize and move closer to the city. When they started house shopping, unlike many prospective homebuyers, they intentionally sought out a renovation project – specifically, a Mid-Century Modern home that […]

Distinguishing Profession From Business

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Recently, I was reminded of a good article by Richard Farson, a former AIA Public Director, from arcCA, the journal of the AIA California Council. The paragraph that resonated most with me – and should with any professional – is (emphasis is mine): “(The AIA) has to make a distinction as to whether architecture is […]

Architecture That Resonates

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If your home can’t do this, maybe it is time to consider a new home or remodel! First, we define our spaces. Then, our spaces define us!

Creativity, Beauty, and Morality

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Creativity, Beauty, and Morality are the three standards by which every work of art – including architecture – should be evaluated.  To understand and apply these standards, however, we must also understand a basic premise of art: nothing is created from nothing. Every seemingly original work has a context and is derived from some preceding […]

Experiments in Design

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The home of this architect and artist couple is a continuously evolving laboratory. +Read the DWELL article then come back for a longer look. Architect David Marlatt, AIA (principal, DNM Architecture) and his wife Sarah Burgevin, a ceramics artist and teacher, bought what could be kindly considered a “fixer upper” in 2014. The original structure […]

What services should I expect the architect to provide?

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The services provided by architects and their consultants can vary according to numerous factors, such as the project type and complexity, the client’s needs, the city’s permitting requirements, the way in which the contractor will be selected, and the budget. The contract between the owner and the architect should clearly list what services will be […]