Navigating Technological Change in Architectural Practice

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Starting somewhere in the 1980’s with 2D CADD software on mini and microcomputers, through the internet, worldwide web, 3D modeling and simulation, BIM, and, more recently, artificial intelligence, fast changing technology has often disoriented architectural practice and potentially threatened it both economically, but even existentially.

A Well Made Collaboration

WellMade ADU

DNM Architecture is proud to announce its collaboration with San Leandro, CA based WellMade Design Build to bring compact, modern and affordable ADUs to CA.. Our new partnership will help WellMade streamline the process of adding an ADU to any property, making on-demand housing solutions even easier for homeowners to implement.

A Humanist Architect

Sugarloaf 1st Floor

I am an architect, and I think of myself as a humanist. There are many definitions of humanist (it makes sense that there would be), but among the shortest I have found is “an approach to life based on reason and our common humanity, recognizing that moral values are properly founded on human nature and experience alone.” As a self-defined humanist, I tend to accept people as they see themselves, assume they know more or less what is best for them, and do what little I can to help them along their way.

Clients & Customers

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I feel my clients hire me to look after their building project in the same way that a patient hires a doctor to care for their health…

Joining the AI…ehhhh

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Image: Vintage Drafting tools, copyright Adobe Stock/Grigory I am a loyal, frustrated, enthusiastic, passive member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). I watch it commit tactical errors, abandon initiatives, be fleeced by corporate sponsors (full disclosure: I was one such sponsor in a past career), and generally spend too much time looking in the […]

New Rules Mean Adding an ADU to Your California Home is Easier Than Ever

DNM Architecture ADU

Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs may seem like a very new and different type of housing, but the term ADU actually refers only to the home’s legal status, not its physical characteristics. Small houses and apartments, whether called Granny units, In-law suites, cottages, Tiny Homes or just studios, have existed as long as there have […]

Architect Lexicon: Challenge

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CHALLENGE. OPPORTUNITY. OBSTACLE. We often say that we don’t like problems, but, in fact, we can’t live without them. More precisely, we can’t make a living without them. Problems are so important, that architects (most professions, actually) have three words for them. Challenge: Any problem before it has been analyzed. “Well, Ms Jones, razing a […]

DNM Architecture is Part of the 2030 AIA Commitment.

Lycee Francais First Floor Plan

Becoming a 2030 signatory is a commitment to addressing one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century and becoming a leader in fighting climate change.  According to AIA surveys, 2030 signatories are more likely to value energy efficiency and to use energy modeling than other architects. We are also more likely than their peers […]

Portfolio, Perspective, and Process

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I attended a lunchtime seminar about firm marketing sponsored by the AIA a couple of months ago and learned something! But, that’s not the only news. The presenter – an apparently successful marketing consultant for professional service companies in the northwest – made the pretty basic point that an architect’s project portfolio is not the […]

The Value of an Architect

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Through education, training and experience, an architect is the one professional person who is equipped to guide you through the design, permitting and construction of a building or renovation project. Unlike other specialized professionals (that may also be needed) such as structural engineers, mechanical engineers, geotechnical engineers, an architect is trained to be a generalist, […]