Peace Corps project twilight render

Location: Washington DC
Program: Design Competition for Commemoration to Peace Corps in Washington DC
Images: Rendered

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Peace Corps Memorial

Look up.  Aspire.

When we see a simple balloon, a sunlit grove, or suspended lanterns illuminated above, we look up. In this simple reflexive act of turning towards the light and engaging the sky, we express our hope and aspiration.

The Peace Corps embodies America’s aspirations to ‘look up,’ to make the world better collectively by doing better individually. It’s logo depicting a star evolving into a flying dove represents the American ideal of transformation and aspiration.

Set in a triangle encountered primarily by passing cars or across boulevards, our concept employs 190 folded translucent panels and soft LED lighting floating 14′ above the street supported by a light metal frame. It invites a voluntary act to ‘look up.’ Some may see an abstracted tree grove, compatible with its context in the nation’s capital. Others will discover against the sky, the bird in flight that represents the Peace Corps.