Architect Lexicon: Challenge

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CHALLENGE. OPPORTUNITY. OBSTACLE. We often say that we don’t like problems, but, in fact, we can’t live without them. More precisely, we can’t make a living without them. Problems are so important, that architects (most professions, actually) have three words for them. Challenge: Any problem before it has been analyzed. “Well, Ms Jones, razing a […]

200 Years Ago, and Architects Were Already Cynical!

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In 1806, Benjamin Henry Latrobe wrote to Robert Mills,  “The profession of architecture has been hitherto in the hands of two sets of men. The first of those [gentlemen] who from traveling or from books have acquired some knowledge of the theory of the art, know nothing of its practice, the second of those [mechanics] […]

Architecture That Resonates

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If your home can’t do this, maybe it is time to consider a new home or remodel! First, we define our spaces. Then, our spaces define us!