Crafted by master furniture maker Paul Murphy, Oakland, CA, employing a combination of Ash and Walnut, this bedroom set consists of a king size bed, two bedside tables and a storage bench. The slotted headboard features a dimmable LED light and USB charging stations. The irregular hexagonal feet can be rotated to change the bed height to three positions. The storage bench at the foot of the bed provides ample space for pillows and blankets under the Walnut top. The tables feature two drawers each on a Walnut base.

Unneccesary detail is stripped away and the focus is placed on function, craft and materials. Even handles are treated as gentle curved slots in the wood to avoid distraction. An overscaled dovetail detail draws attention to how the furniture is constructed and carries the same 3" bands consistently throughout the ensemble. The overall effect is a warm modern ensemble that is light and serene, but also feels substantial and part of a long tradition of fine woodworking craftsmanship.

Photos: Joseph Schell